Another poem written for school. I had to write an “I Believe” poem about manipulation, hope you enjoy!

I believe

That society has manipulated us in ways that we haven’t even noticed yet.

At dollar stores we are told that 2 things for 2 dollars is a “bargain’.

We are told by store managers that we look nice in their clothes only so they can make money.

We are told we ugly and stupid, and we know we are not.

Yet we still allow the words to change us,

And we then start to believe the negative comments.

The world becomes clearer yet darker.

So much empty space leaving room for manipulation and hate.

We begin to worry about our every word and action,

Trying to make sure that the manipulation has escaped from our minds.

We’re afraid that we’ll begin to manipulate others unconsciously

As now we know that we’ve been being manipulated throughout our lives.

I believe

That the only way to conquer manipulation,

Is to fight it.

If you know it’s not true then throw it away.

Throw it in a wishing well and wish for the positive words you wish you believed,

To turn into the positive words that you will always live by.