January 30, 2017- age 13

To my future children,

I want you to know that I will love you no matter what.

I will love you even after you tell me that you hate me,

I will love you even when I yell at you,

I will love you even when you hit me for the first time.

We will fight, and you will hit me no doubt about it.

I just hope that you never have to think about if I still love you,

Because I will do my best to show you that I love you oh so much.

When I give you a spanking, just know that I felt a little bad about it.

When I yell at you, just know that I didn’t mean it.

I want you to know that I love you always because,

There will come a time when you will need me and I will need you.

You will be scared and sad and need someone to talk to,

And I will as well and when you come of age,

I will talk to you about it.

You need to know that I am always here for you no matter what.

You can be anything, and I will help you along the way.

I know what denial feels like, and not being accepted for who you are,

It sucks butt.

I want you to be able to come and talk to me about anything.

Promise me, promise me that you will always love me,

Even when you say you don’t.