For a science project we had to write a story about the moon somehow including the phases. This is the final product…

Oh how the moon shines bright at night,But did you know it’s because of the sun’s light?

The moon is my friend,

And like its circle shape, our friendship never ends.

Mr.Moon goes through many phases a month

Only 8 phases, that’s not a bunch!

New month New moon!

Mr.Moon goes on vacation, but I promise he’ll be back soon!

A few days later and he is back from holiday!

On holiday he ate some, and got bigger I guess you can say.

While on holiday he got a wax and now he is as smooth as can be!

I guess you can call him a Waxing Crescent as so it seems!

Mr.Moon goes to a birthday party and gets the first quarter of cake,

Thank goodness he saved that date.

When Mr.Moon gets a wax, he slurs his words.

The pain a wax causes is like 1000 pecking birds.

He says to the person giving his wax,

“Wow, during this waxing gibbous a snack.”

He eats his snack and gets bigger and bigger as you can see,

I think he’s almost reached full capacity!

When Mr.Moon gets home it’s time to sup

He’s now a full moon with some calories to burn up.

On the first day of his diet Mr.Moon gets stressed,

He drinks too many beers, and slurs his words. This decision wasn’t the best.

“Mr.Waning gibbous another drink,”

He says with his friends that all stink.

The next evening he recovered from his hangover,

Mr.Moon starts eating healthy and works out like Noah Yee’s mother.

As he starts the third quarter of this beachbody program,

He notices that he has lost over 4000 grams!

While on a run he remembers something Lil’ Waning Crescent said to him once.

“I’m so greedy, I’m hungry, I’m young.”

Mr.Moon is finally in shape and if he eats extra his diet won’t stand a chance,

It’s another day for vacation! 

Then he was no longer the size of an ant.

The cycle repeats almost two times a month,

The doctor told him he’ll die in a zillion years while eating his lunch.